A Windows Desktop application for creating and modifying flows for the open source BPMN-RPA Python library. Flows can be run on both Windows and Linux.

Automatic Grouping Tasker Plugin

This PlugIn allows the user to automatically organize data into a number of groups (clusters) specified by the user. The PlugIn uses the Machine Learning K-means algorithm and returns the desired groups including the associated values (Json format).

Naive Bayes Classifier Tasker Plugin

Machine Learning with Naive Bayes Classification. Use this app to create your model by training it on data from a csv-file. You can use the model in Tasker Tasks (as PlugIn) to make predictions.

Simple Textmining Tasker Plugin

A Tasker Plugin for simple TextMining, such as calculating the percentage in which 2 strings match (Cosine Similarity), converting the strings into binary vectors and returning a BagOfWords model in JSON. You can optionally use the removal of Stopwords and / or a (Snowball) stemmer for different languages.

Exchange Tasks Tasker Plugin

This application is a plugin for Tasker. Access your Microsoft Exchange account to perform tasks:

- Get unread mail
- Get todays appointments
- Get unfinished tasks
- Send an email
- Create a task
- Get contact info of person
- Create an appointment